Hazel Roberts, Julia Roberts’ Daughter, Is Growing Up Fast and Resembles Her Mother Remarkably

Celebrity Julia Roberts is someone we don’t hear much about. Her private life is unknown to the public.

Despite the fact that she has won an Oscar and has starred in some of the most popular movies over the past three decades.

There are no tweets on a Twitter account with her name and 540,000 followers.

She doesn’t have any social or medical accounts on Facebook or Instagram.

Julia hasn’t yet joined the majority of famous people in engaging with their fans and posting pictures of their families on social media.

The actress, who is 50, acknowledged having extracurricular interests in an interview.

“Can you come up with a good analogy? It’s like when people talk about a TV show: I might be aware of the show and the plot, but that doesn’t mean I watch it. I learned about it from other friends who watch it. I mean, we were talking about Instagram. Everyone’s phone is set up with Instagram. Julia Roberts acknowledges, “If I had it, I’d stare at it constantly.”.

This actress possesses a number of outstanding qualities.

She has three wonderful children and is married to a gorgeous man, whom she adores.

Throughout her acting career, Julia Roberts has worked with a variety of actors, including Kiefer Sutherland and Benjamin Bratt.

Lyle Lovett, a singer, and she were married for two years. Julia, on the other hand, discovered her true love in front of the lens.

While filming “The Mexican,” Julia and Daniel Moder became acquainted and later got married.

“He comes to mind when I consider what gives my life purpose and ignites joy within me. She said, “It was the spark for everything.”.

In 2004, the couple welcomed twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, and another son named Henry arrived three years later.

Because she prefers to keep her children private, Julia hasn’t shared many pictures of them over the years.

“We try to protect our kids from harm. The continuity of our family life is all we ask for, she said.

Although Julia may not publicly display her kids online, this will likely change as they get older.

Her daughter, 13, is in some pictures that are currently going viral.

Many people are struck by how similar the mother and daughter appear.

Hazel can be seen in her younger years in the picture below.

Hazel and Julia are essentially the same person, save for the color of their hair.

The only child of Julia, Hazel, was long shrouded in mystery. But recently, new pictures of Hazel have surfaced, and many people are shocked by how much the mother and daughter resemble one another.

Watching what Hazel accomplishes as she gets older is something we look forward to!

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